Level 4: Even with 1-2 person IT staff, IT is critical for the business

Obviously your IT needs to be hiring IT people, IT outsource still something to seriously consider as it can be backup plan.

Internal IT teams might capable of providing second level technical support. But what if the IT problem escalates? Annual leave, medical leave and hiring/firing will be impact on your business.

With us:

We can provide extra level of help to troubleshoot issues, we might be the backend knowledge/consultant of your IT support. In any solutions needed, we might look for principles to discuss your scenarios and able to provide you best practice from principles (principle refer to Microsoft/HP/IBM/DELL etc.)

Your internal IT team shall entitled for leave for employee, we will be the backup IT team to be place when they not available.

In additional, some IT team might having company politics issues and leave in group, in this case you definitely need to look for replacement. If unable get IT replacement on time, we are possible to provide short period of Full Time engineer to onsite as backup. If successfully get IT replacement on time, but IT who serve notification period might not going to provide knowledge handover to new IT, new IT require to take long time train to adapt to the systems, we can train and get him up to speed much quicker than self-training.