Level 3: Businesses with 10-50 computer user, they tend to hire an IT executive to support company
IT Environment:

  1. On-premise server
  2. All server in scheduled backup
  3. Using Firewall for internet protection
  4. Maybe have branch and site-to-site VPN
  5. Maybe mobile user
  6. Maybe work after office hours

Hire an IT executive cost for RM1500-RM2500 per month. Annual cost is RM18K-RM30K. IT executive need to handle all user site issues and might need to involve server implementation and re-configuration, he/she was run out of time. Somehow, RM1500 per month for IT executive, he is not qualify to resolve any of your server issues.

With us:

If you hire senior level of IT Executive, we can customize first level support contract, help your internal IT executive handle routine and time consume task like format PC, data backup/restore/transfer etc. So your senior IT executive can plan and look forward for more valuable task.

If you hire junior level of IT Executive, we may provide second level support contract to manage your server healthy status, in charges of office network operation, so your internal IT executive might be first hand to troubleshoot for end user. If we failed to serve as per expectation, you might terminate our service in anytime.

Somehow, our first level support contract between RM8K-RM12K, is much more cheaper than hire junior IT executive, and our engineer is much more experience.

If you hired IT Executive, you will notice paying more to your internal IT he/she might be MC/AL as it is your permanent staff, additional expenses as MC claim, EPF & Socso, but we do not take leave from your contract and do not need to pay EPF & Socso.