Level 1: Businesses with less than 10 computer, non-critical for IT equipment.

IT Environment:

  1. No Server, all data store on user machine
  2. Less than 10 machine
  3. Manual backup for application data
  4. User call for assist when anything happen, no contract support.

User rarely have issues, but when anything goes wrong, they was look around but hardly to get any people to assist, as they did not engage with any company. They might look to freelance support/ friends assists. But they solve your problem base on best effort.

With us:

We have promotion package for only RM1500 to secure your IT equipment.

Our package valid for 1 year, with limited onsite support.

With us, you have own IT vendor to take care all your IT equipment. Anytime available to support you.

We can recommend for standard design, and customize the design to fit your budget.

Provide machine health check and recommend replacement if needed. To avoid user working on worse machine, as it might cause system corrupt and data corrupt.

We have stated hours to resolve your issues, if we failed to do so, Free of charge for it.