Business Solutions Technologies Management(BSTM) Company forges strategic alliances with technology leading partners on a broad range of cost effective solutions and services, which aim to offer customers a variety of choices. In this way, our customers get the best of both worlds. We understand intimately the requirements and needs of the solution, and the partners who are well tuned and expert in their respective fields.

We provide end-to-end IT solutions required for most soho, small and medium corporations. Our solutions range from:-

1. IT solutions Consultancy, Project Management & Deployment Services
2. IT Security Protection & Solutions
3. Sales and Services of IT equipment such as computer system, networking
security solutions, storage solutions and application software.
4. Customized IT Infra based on specific needs and
requirements where possible

We are focused on being a valuable organization to our customers by providing 99% commitment, comprehensive after sales service, professional support, training and maintenance is our key focus area.